Friday, 17 February 2017


 Friendship an
This group is a closed group opened to all kinds of people chatting to their own choice as long as they respect everyone who’s on the group and also we have very strict safety rules, we work hard to keep members safe.
What we mean by choice is their choice how they communicate with people as long as they respect one another’s feelings. 
Members and Admins have right to report if they have concerns if they or anyone on group is been harmed by anyone or anything.
We need at least four more Admins who can spare time on and off our Friendship and chatting group at least three days or and even nights a week or more would be most helpful if you can.
If you can post pictures, videos and type from your IT device it will be most helpful.
The posts we allow is pretty much anything as long as it’s safe, such as hobbies, interests, work, careers and all topics.
Feel free to post anything that interests you to see if members reply, which sometimes works, other times it doesn’t because everyone has different likes and dislikes.
Without forcing try enough some members to post by advising them to post by writing even if they can’t post by pictures and videos.
To able to support members to find such information as friendship or and dating, counseling, emotional support, mental health issues or and etc if they ask for it online. 

Safe guarding. 
Please keep on what people are writing and posting, making sure there's no one is rowing, swearing or adding unsafe post such as spam, virus, hacking or and etc.
Also to check profiles before adding people, not to worry about not knowing if you don’t know, let us know and we will talk it through with you.

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